What You Can Do to Replace Nutritional Yeast: Options to Choose From for All Occasions

To find out how to substitute yeast for dough, first, we need to understand what this product is and what it is.

Pressed yeast must be diluted with milk or water, and can only be stored in the refrigerator for up to one month.

Their dry counterparts are less demanding. Granulated yeast can be used immediately by mixing it with flour, and it can be stored for up to two years.

How to Replace Regular Yeast with Dry Yeast

Pressed and granular yeast differs not only in the way they are used and stored. To replace one with the other, it is necessary to observe the proportion.

For example, 10 grams of dry yeast equals 25 grams of fresh yeast.

If you do not have either of them, and the question of what to replace the yeast in the pizza has become critical, the leavening agent can come to the rescue. This culinary wonder powder consists of tartar and regular baking soda. This duo will pull off a chemical reaction in your dough that creates carbon dioxide bubbles and easily helps your dough rise. You can find out the necessary proportions to use on the package.

In case you don’t have a leavening agent either, there is an ingeniously simple option that absolutely every home has – baking soda.

What is the difference between yeast and baking soda, and what does leavening have to do with it?
Yeast is a living microorganism that is capable of leavening dough, although it can sometimes be capricious. At the same time, baking soda is also capable of performing a key action for us – raising and loosening the dough. The leavening agent consists of two parts: the baking soda and the acid that reacts with it. If we have the former, what to replace the latter with?

Acid to loosen the dough can be:

  • sour milk (kefir, sour cream)
  • vinegar
  • lemon juice or citric acid
  • honey (ideal when making meringue)
  • cocoa

For one spoonful of yeast, we take 0.5 teaspoons of baking soda and as much acid to choose from.

Important rule: never do the reaction with baking soda just in a spoonful, otherwise the bubbles for the dough will go to waste. Calculate the number of ingredients in advance and mix dry with dry and wet with wet. Then when mixing, the acid will react with the baking soda and help your baked goods achieve a perfect result. This kind of dough should not be left for long – you need to send it immediately to the oven.

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