“When The Battery Is Dead”: A Little Bit About Recuperation

Early spring with the first warm sun, breeze, and beauty around inspires creativity and planning. But what if you have a lot of ideas, but no energy? Are your body and mind tired of the routine and projects you’ve already started? Have you been feeling depressed or apathetic since winter?

How to regain strength and gain energy through nutrition

The first thing we can do is to provide food! Yes, you rightly point out that early vegetables are not guaranteed to be safe. But still, add salads of leafy greens, cucumber, and radish to your meals.

If you don’t eat early vegetables on an empty stomach and eat a little bit, there is little chance of harm, but you will definitely enjoy a crispy, colorful salad dressed with olive oil and sprinkled with flax, sesame, pumpkin, chia seeds or chopped nuts.

A healthy alternative is to grow your own herbs on the windowsill. Wild garlic and green onions will also be a good addition to the diet of a “squeezed” person.

Dried fruits for snacking, hard cheese, lean meat, and dairy products will be a source of protein and dietary fiber. Whole grains will help to avoid sharp fluctuations in glucose, which will definitely not improve the functioning of the depleted nervous system, and will provide energy for a long time.

Foods rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and antioxidants are what will restore our bodies! Often, fatigue and distraction are the results of a lack of water in the body.

Take care of your drinking regimen. Data on the required amount varies, but 1.5-2 liters of water during the day, in addition to other drinks, will be enough.

Exhaustion, a constant feeling of fatigue, and a lack of energy are not only the result of a lack of nutrients or basic calories. It’s also the result of inadequate sleep, lack of fresh air and movement, and lack of change of activity. In this case, you should reschedule your time (at least try to), and delegate some of your work and responsibilities to someone else (of course, there are risks that someone will not be able to cope, but you never know…) involve assistants.

But if we have a life plan and see the prospects for our activities, we must be able to get ourselves out of a dead battery. Aerobatics, which is attainable for everyone, is to regularly recharge yourself. The means are simple: a varied, nutritious diet with a predominance of fruits and vegetables, physical activity for pleasure, good sleep and plenty of sun and air, and adequate life organization.

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Written by Bella Adams

I'm a professionally-trained, executive chef with over ten years in Restaurant Culinary and hospitality management. Experienced in specialized diets, including Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw foods, whole food, plant-based, allergy-friendly, farm-to-table, and more. Outside of the kitchen, I write about lifestyle factors that impact well-being.

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