Where To Hide The Mop and Bucket, So They Do Not Get in the Way: Tips

You can make a mop holder with your own hands, and it does not take a lot of money and time. Hostesses and landlords probably had a question about where the cleaning equipment should be in the house so that it does not interfere.

A bucket and a mop take up quite a lot of space and can seriously interfere, so sometimes we have to look for creative ways to place this equipment and forget about the usual place of its storage – in the pantry or in a special cabinet.

How to conveniently store mops and buckets in a small dwelling – tips and tricks

The optimal option for storing a mop in a small dwelling – wall-mounted. But the bucket is best placed in free space, for example, under the bathtub, under the sink, between the toilet/washing machine, and the wall.

And now let’s deal in more detail with where to place the mop so that it no longer falls down and does not clutter up the dwelling.

First, find a suitable place – it can be a part of the wall in a separate room, behind some door, or even the space in a tall cabinet. So, where to put the mop in the apartment, we figured out, and now let’s figure out how to make a mount for it with your own hands.

There is a budget, simple and very unusual way. In order to make it work, you will need flexible thick curlers, self-tapping screws, and a screwdriver. Just take the curlers, and screw them with self-tapping screws to the surface so that they are at a comfortable height for you.

How to hang a mop on the wall? It’s very simple – you put the handle of the inventory to the attached curlers and bend them. In this way, the curlers begin to act as a fastener. Fix on the wall can be not only a mop – use such a fastener for a dustpan, broom, broom, various containers with handles, and rags.

Now there is already an answer and to the question of how to store a mop with a wringer – this way is the most appropriate. The main thing is not to leave such a mop wet.

There is a more dacha variant for storing equipment – you can fix a metal mesh on some door, attach hooks to it, and already on them hang what you need for different types of work.

Such an attachment for equipment in the country will help to save space, and you do not need a lot of time to find the necessary thing for some work.

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