Where to Pour Liquid Laundry Detergent: Step by Step Instructions

The liquid powder is a good alternative to dry detergent. It comes in capsules or bottles, removes dirt effectively, and consumes much less.

Where to pour the liquid detergent into the washing machine – tips

Before you start using this or that type of detergent, you need to understand what are its advantages over other powders. First, the gel detergent dissolves quickly in water and does not leave crystals. This is a guarantee that there will be no streaks on your clothes. Second, gel powder can be washed both in the machine and by hand. Thirdly, gel detergents are free of aggressive components, which means they do not cause allergic reactions.

In order to use gel laundry detergents effectively, remember the rules:

  • open the washing machine tray and find the compartments numbered I or II;
  • pour the gel from the bottle into the measuring cup;
  • pour it into compartment I if you want to wash with soaking, or compartment II if you choose the normal mode;
  • start the wash as usual.

Do not pour the gel directly into the drum when washing with soaking – then the product will be spent needlessly, and the laundry will remain dirty. Some manufacturers generally prohibit pouring liquid detergent into the drum, but for another reason – then the equipment quickly breaks down. Study the washing machine manual before using any detergent.

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