Why Cheesecakes Fall Apart: The Secret Ingredient That Solves the Problem is Named

Cheesecakes are the perfect dish that, with minimal ingredients, can make a great breakfast or dinner. In just 20-30 minutes you can make a wonderful treat for the whole family. The main thing is to know some important nuances.

Why the cheesecakes do not hold their shape and fall apart – what is the reason

If you have kneaded cottage cheese dough, but, contrary to all expectations, the cheesecakes fall apart when you try to turn them – then the problem is in the dough. The answer to the age-old question of what to do if the cheesecakes are falling apart is very simple: fix the dough immediately.

Cheesecakes will fall apart if there are no eggs in the batter. This is why the cheesecake won’t hold its shape if there are no eggs in the batter.

Also, the cheesecakes will fall apart if there is no ingredient that binds the cheesecake, which in this case is flour or semolina. It is they who absorb the excess liquid, which can be in the curd and make the cheesecakes more elastic.

Another reason why cheesecakes do not hold their shape is an excessive amount of sugar. The fact is that too much sugar liquefies the curd, so the too-sweet batter will simply spread out in your pan.

Why are the cheesecakes liquid and how to save them?

Cheesecakes turn out liquid for several reasons:

  • If you added too many eggs to the batter. The fact is that cottage cheese does not absorb liquid, but rather dissolves in it.
  • If you have added too much milk or sour cream to the dough. In this case, the easiest option is to add some more cottage cheese to the dough and thicken the mass with a few tablespoons of semolina.
  • If there is no more cottage cheese – you can use only semolina. Under no circumstances use cooked semolina, the semolina should be raw. Add 3-4 tablespoons of semolina to the dough and leave the dough on the table for 20 minutes. The semolina will absorb excess liquid, swell and the dough will become thicker.

Be careful, however, as too much semolina will make your cheesecakes stiff. If you don’t have semolina, you can thicken the cheesecake batter with flour. Using starch to thicken the cheesecakes is categorically not allowed, you will just ruin the products.

What to do if the cheesecakes stick to your hands – a tip hack

If the cheese dough is sticky and does not hold its shape, constantly sticking to your hands – you will have to resort to some tricks.

First, work with sticky dough only by moistening your hands with cold water. In this case, the cheese mass will become more docile. You can also moisten your hands with vegetable oil.

Secondly, after you form the pieces, be sure to sprinkle them with flour. Otherwise, the cheesecakes, that will be waiting for their turn in the pan, will stick to your table or cutting board. Do not sprinkle semolina on the billets, as the grits will start to burn while frying, but the flour will make a nice ruddy crust on your cheesecakes.

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