Why Laundry Capsules Don’t Dissolve: Tips on How to Use Them Correctly

How to use laundry capsules, where to put them in the machine, and what to do if the capsule does not “work”.

The laundry capsules are very handy and wash things well. But it happens that the capsule does not cope with ordinary dirt, leaves traces on the clothes, or does not dissolve at all.

Capsules for washing – what they are good for

Laundry capsules are detergent in mini containers. And they have quite a few advantages over detergents:

  • they cope with even the most difficult stains;
  • one pad is designed for one wash – it is very convenient;
  • they can be effective at low temperatures;
  • The conditioner in the capsule allows you to gently wash even the most delicate fabrics.

In addition, laundry capsules are hypoallergenic and safe.

Laundry capsules – which is better?

Why laundry capsules do not dissolve

It also happens that after washing, the “pad” remains almost intact. This can happen for three reasons:

  • too many things in the drum – if there is no room, the capsule has no chance to dissolve;
  • low washing temperature – for example, at 30 ° C, the capsule may not “work”;
  • short washing cycle – the capsule simply does not have time to dissolve in the process.

In this case, you can either rinse things or just rinse them.

How to use capsules for washing – 5 basic rules

To wash with capsules went “hurrah”, we advise adhering to a few rules:

  • Use the correct temperature when washing – usually, it should not be less than 30 ° C; there are capsules that “work” and in cold water, it is usually indicated on the packaging;
  • Washing capsules should be placed directly into the drum – if placed in the compartment for washing, then the outer film will not dissolve and the capsule will not wash things;
  • place the capsule closer to the back of the empty drum, and then load the items afterward;
  • do not overload the washing machine – about 10 centimeters of space should remain between the top of the drum and the laundry;
  • Do not tear the capsules’ shells and do not touch them with wet hands: the outer film will be destroyed.

Do not use the capsules with soap, detergent, stain remover, etc., or soak the laundry.

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