Why the Cat Climbs Into The Bag and Chews it: Do Not Miss the Alarm Signal

Cat owners know that cats often choose a bag or a box instead of toys from the pet store. Sometimes this is due to the usual inquisitiveness of the cat, but there are cases when such a cat’s choice signals a health problem for the pet.

House cats are almost 90% devoid of their instincts, but boredom sometimes brings out their wild nature, especially when there is a box, travel bag, suitcase, or bag nearby.

Why cats sit in boxes and bags – an interesting explanation

According to zoologists, cats perceive boxes and bags as a hiding places to ambush their prey. At the same time, they perceive a bag that rustles as prey. That is why cats sometimes struggle with the bag.

Experts have also noticed that cats have a sensitive sense of smell. That’s why it’s hard to tear them away from a bag they just brought from the street. And from a travel bag that was brought back from a trip, the cat will be delighted. In most cases, the house cat will hide in the bag and sniff its scent for a long time.

Sometimes cats behave strangely with bags. Furry owners sometimes wonder why cats like to lick bags. The explanation is extremely basic because they can smell what was stored in it. If there were some tasty things in the bag, the cat will feel them and want to taste them, so he licks them.

By the way, an interesting fact – rural cats show less interest in bags and boxes. They spend a lot of time outside, so they are not bored. Such cats come home to eat and sleep overnight.

Can a cat play with a bag and a box – be careful

Veterinarians say you can because these are safe toys if you watch the process. However, be careful with plastic bags. Kitty can swallow its particles and harm his digestion.


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Written by Emma Miller

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