Why There Are Streaks After Cleaning Floors and How to Avoid it: The Secret is Named

Everyone knows what home cleaning is like, and many do not like this process. Most of all the mess with the floor, because probably everyone had that, when you scrub the floor, scrub, but the streaks still remain. In the end, it seems to have been cleaned, but there is no feeling of cleanliness.

Why are there stains after washing the floors – the main reasons

Most often, the cause of visually dirty floors is quite trivial:

  • The wrong floor cleaning products;
  • Too much detergent;
  • Poorly cleaned surface.

Do not forget that some surfaces are very capricious and need a special approach, so sometimes it is easier to call a cleaning service.

How to wash the floor without streaks – the basic nuances

Before cleaning the floors, it is necessary to clean them of dust and other debris. For this purpose, a vacuum cleaner or an ordinary broom will do. For a better effect, you can go further with a wet brush or wet broom.

If there are some large spots on the floor, it is better to get rid of them separately.

After removing excess dirt, you can wash the floor, but it is better to dilute ammonia or vinegar in water. The ideal proportion is 1 tbsp of the product per 1 liter of water.

How to properly mop the floor – the main rules

After the floor is cleaned and prepared for washing, you must first wipe the floor along the joints with the baseboards.

Cleaning experts advise that you start cleaning the floor with the cleanest areas and move smoothly to the dirtier ones.

The mop should make movements in the form of an infinity sign or the English letter S. In this way, the remaining dirt will not be smeared on the floor.

The mop should stay as clean as possible, and it is important to squeeze it well so that there is no excess water on the floor.

Also do not forget to change the water in the bucket in time, otherwise, all the work will go to waste, and there will be streaks.

Immediately after cleaning the floor, do not walk on it, and let it dry to the end.

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