Why Things Stink After Washing in the Washing Machine

Unpleasant smell from the washing machine – a fairly common problem most housewives face. Read below how to get rid of it.

Washing machines are indispensable devices in the life of every modern housewife. With their help, you can quickly and qualitatively wash various types of dirt and give things a well-groomed look. However, many people notice that after some time it appears an unpleasant smell, and nothing is more frustrating if after washing it remains on the things. Why it smells foul from the washing machine and how to eliminate this smell – we explain below.

Why is there an unpleasant smell from the washing machine – it causes

Often, the unpleasant smell in the washing machine appears when it is used improperly. Agree, not every housewife uses washing powder, which is designed only for machines “automatic” or measures it strictly according to the instructions. However, this has its own consequences.

The thing is that because of the wrong washing agent or large dosage in the machine during washing, a lot of foam is formed, which settles in hard-to-reach places. This causes mold to include in the drum and sealer, leading to an unpleasant odor. In addition, mold is dangerous to your health.

Another reason why things stink after washing in the washing machine may be that the machine often washes at low temperatures. Because of this, the product does not cope with the bacteria that may have been on the clothes. Often the manufacturers of “washing machines” themselves advise using conditioner during washing so that your clothes have a more pleasant fragrance.

However, this is not all the reason. Often people complain about the smell of sewage in the washing machine. In this case, the most likely problem is a clog in the drain hose and sewer pipe. Because of this, the water from the machine does not go out well and can remain in it. And the humid environment is known to be the best friend of mold and other bacteria.

In addition, the smell can appear if you take out the clothes not immediately after the end of the wash. Then you can feel the distinct aroma of mustiness. But here it all depends on the man himself.

Odor in the washing machine – how to get rid of

Perhaps the most effective way is to clean the washing machine. Usually, the instructions to the machines say that every few weeks it is necessary to run a service wash.

At home, it’s most convenient:

  • Remove this smell with baking soda – a quarter cup of baking soda mixed with the same amount of water, pour the solution into the laundry detergent compartment, and add two full cups of ordinary vinegar to the drum itself.
  • Pour citric acid into the drum – be sure to run the rinse mode after washing. This will help get rid of residual detergent.
  • Add bleach – no more than 50 ml, after washing run the cycle again, but without bleach.
    If this does not help, you need to clean the drain pump, as described in the instructions. Do not forget to first disconnect the “washing machine” from the mains.

In addition, we advise you to open the door and the compartment for adding detergents after each wash, to allow them to dry. Be sure to wipe the seal from excessive moisture and do not forget to wash the powder compartment.

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Written by Emma Miller

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