Why to Tenderize Meat and How To Do It Without Splashing: Practical Tips for Hostesses

Every housewife has had to deal with the need to tenderize meat. Few people like this process, because there are spatters and sometimes pieces of meat all over the kitchen. As a result, after cooking you have to clean the kitchen as well.

Why you need to tenderize meat

The process of pounding meat helps to soften the fibers of the meat, so it stays soft after cooking. In addition, the battering allows you to increase its surface area.

However, not all meat requires this preparation. Chicken and beef do not usually need to be pounded if it is not required by the recipe, for example, for rolls. At the same time, pork must be battered, regardless of the dish. The fact is that pork itself is tougher than beef or chicken.

How to beat the meat without splattering

Everyone is familiar with the situation when, having beaten meat, for example, for chops, you have to clean the kitchen, because it is covered with meat. To avoid such trouble, there are a couple of secrets.

First, you can put the meat in the freezer for a few minutes to keep it from splattering and to make it easier to cut.

Secondly, you can use cling film. If you wrap the meat in clingfilm before you chop it, all the juice will stay inside and not scatter all over the kitchen. And the hammer will be easier to wash.

How to tenderize meat without a hammer

You don’t have to have a special hammer in the kitchen to beat the meat. For this purpose, any dense, hard, and strong object will do. It is better to use kitchen utensils made of metal or wood, such as a rolling pin, a heavy and thick knife, or a potato pusher, and you can even use your hands.

How to Beat Meat with a Bottle

You can use a sturdy glass bottle, such as a champagne or wine bottle, to baste the meat. The bottle should be wrapped in a towel before battering the meat. That way, in case you overdo it and the glass doesn’t hold up, you won’t have to pick it out of the dish or pick it up all over the kitchen. In addition, such a trick will save you from injury by the glass.

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