Why You Shouldn’t Pour Out Canned Oil: Tips That Will Save You Money

Canned fish oil is not only an appetizer but also a good ingredient for main dishes, especially if you want to save money and marinade. Read where you can use canned fish oil.

Let’s face it: many people drink the liquid that is left over from canned fish. It is very tasty if snacked on black bread or added spices.

Is it possible to use oil from canned fish – take care of your health

It should be noted right away that there are no unambiguous prohibitions of doctors, on whether you can eat oil from canned fish yourself. This is rather a matter of taste and habit. If you like it, drink it for your health. At the same time, spiced butter is best avoided if you are not sure of its quality.

Although the main question of whether you can use canned fish oil is still open. Butter from fish, as mentioned above, is better not to drink itself, at least because it is a too-calorie-dense snack. In addition, not all “stomachs of the world” can bear such a “gift” presented by your appetite.

Where you can use canned fish oil – the top dishes you didn’t know about

Fish juice can be eaten with potatoes, dressed in salads, and fried with oil for other foods like scrambled eggs.

Here are a few ways you can use fish oil:

  • Dressing for Caesar salad. Just one teaspoon of canned fish oil is added to the dressing with lemon juice and mustard. This will diversify and at the same time accentuate the flavor of anchovies and shrimp, the main ingredients in the salad.
  • Scrambled eggs, fried fish. Canned oil is recommended instead of vegetable oil. Such an ingredient will give the scrambled eggs a spicy note, and the taste of fish will only intensify.
    Italian pasta. Canned oil is used in pasta sauces along with lemon juice and water. Oil is also added to the pasta itself after cooking. It is advisable to mix the sauce with the tomatoes and fish beforehand.
  • Pizza, pies, savory muffins. Oil is added in the process of cooking dough instead of water. The same applies to other baked goods. Fear not – canned oil will not impair the quality of the dough and will not prevent it from rising.
  • Ice. Don’t throw away the contents of canned goods after using them. Instead, you can freeze it in the refrigerator and use it as an important ingredient as you prepare dishes. For example, add it to soups.
  • Oatmeal with salmon. To diversify your breakfasts, use canned butter as a base for your cereal. First, the oil will accentuate the fishy flavor, and second, it will give the lean oatmeal the missing spice.

There are plenty of tips online on how to apply fish “juice” a second time, but cooking remains the main use of them for now.

What you can do with butter from sprats and herring – ideas to save money

The most popular in this context remains sprat and herring juice. These are less expensive products, but in the preparation of the main dishes are not inferior to the same canned tuna or salmon.

An easy way to make it with sprats oil is to use it in sprats and cucumber sandwiches. Culinary experts advise stirring the canned liquid with lemon juice and applying it to the bread (after the butter, of course), only then laying out the fish. The appetizer can be decorated with branches of parsley.

Sprat oil can also be added to marinades, sauces, vegetables and dipped into crackers.

The second unresolved question is what can be done with the oil from under the herring. Cooks advise adding this liquid to fish soup, fish pie, fish stew in foil, and when frying chicken eggs.

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Written by Emma Miller

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