Windows Will Shine: What to Add to Water to Avoid Streaks

Many housewives are allergic to chemical household products, which cause sneezing, redness on the hands, and even difficulty breathing. It turns out that there is one secret natural ingredient that will wash your windows without streaks and leave them clean for a long time.

What to add to water to avoid stains on glass

Every housewife wonders what to wash windows so that they stay clean for a long time. Vinegar diluted with water will help. Take three glasses of water and add a glass of vinegar. Stir everything thoroughly and proceed to wash the windows.

How to wash windows from the street

Usually, windows inside the home are washed with clean rags or newspapers. But to reach the windows from the street so will be very difficult. Therefore, there you can wash the windows with a mop without streaks. To make the windows shine, you need to moisten the mop in the solution, then move it horizontally and from top to bottom. Afterward, wipe them thoroughly with a dry mop.

Window Cleaning Lifecycles.

If you have a stubborn stain on your windows, you need to “soak” it. Apply water and vinegar to the windows and leave them on for a few minutes. Afterward, wipe down the windows without too much effort or pressure. To bring the windows to shine, repeat the manipulation with a dry and clean cloth.

In addition, the smell of vinegar is quite strong, so after washing the windows with this solution, it is necessary to ventilate the apartment.

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