You’d be Surprised What You Didn’t Know Before: How to Know Your Sock Size Without Measuring

Choosing the right size of socks is essential to avoid foot pain and ingrown toenails. But how to do it?

How to choose a sock size – the fastest way

It may seem that the choice of socks – is a trifle, not worthy of attention, and too picky. But would it be a disaster if you “miscalculate” in one or two sizes?

As a matter of fact, it is. Regular wearing too big or too small socks fraught with problems, from which you have to get rid for weeks. These blisters and ingrown toenails, and even deformation of the fingers – occur from the constant stress that creates shoes and socks. It is especially important to correctly select the size of children’s socks because the child may not even feel the discomfort and do not tell about it.

An easy way to find out your sock size in less than a minute without additional measurements, pedologic suggested. They advise not to be guided by the sizes that manufacturers of hosiery write on the packages. Instead, check to see if you can wrap the sock around your clenched fist so that the edges come together. If you can do this without stretching the sock, the size is right for you.

How to check if women’s or men’s socks are the right sizes in 1 minute
Another simple tip hack will make sure which of the socks you have already bought are worth continuing to wear, and which do not fit you in size at all.

Podologists advise making such an experiment. Take a sock and put it on your heel. Pull it (without effort) to your fingers. If the “nose” does not reach the longest toe of your foot (big, index, or middle), or vice versa – covers it too much, alas, you missed the size.

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Written by Emma Miller

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