Blood Group Diet: These Are The Backgrounds

Blood Type Diet: What is it?

In the blood group diet, foods are classified as more or less compatible depending on the blood group.

  • This form of nutrition was devised by the American naturopath Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo in 1996.
  • The principle is based on the assumption that certain lectins react differently with different blood groups.
  • Lectins are proteins that are mainly found in plant foods, but also in animal foods.
  • The alternative medical diet should not only help with weight loss by relieving the burden on digestion. The concept also promises to protect against numerous diseases.
  • However, the blood group diet is not without controversy. Depending on the blood group, the diet can be quite one-sided.
  • D’Adamo divides the blood groups according to their supposed origin. However, science assumes that the different blood types evolved much earlier than D’Adamo believes.

For more health: classification according to blood groups

D’Adamo divides the blood groups according to their supposed origin.

  • According to this theory, the oldest blood group is blood group 0. It is said to have originated around 40,000 years ago. Since at that time people lived from hunting and ate meat, the diet should still be based on it today.
  • After people became sedentary, agriculture developed and people switched to plant-based food. According to the blood group diet, blood group A was formed during this period.
  • When mankind started raising cattle in addition to farming, the menu expanded to include milk products and eggs – and blood group B entered the scene.
  • The AB blood group came about when people expanded their diet to include all foods, i.e. tolerated mixed foods.

This is how the blood group diet works

Your blood group determines which type you belong to and which foods are most digestible for you.

  • Blood type 0: If you have this blood type, you are a hunter. Consequently, meat and fish are your main food. They also tolerate fruit and vegetables, but fewer grains or legumes.
  • Blood group A: As a member of the farmer type, you should preferably eat a vegetarian diet. However, seafood can also be on the menu.
  • Blood group B: If you have blood group B, you should eat a balanced diet. Meat and vegetables should be eaten in equal parts. Cereals and milk products, as well as fruit, should not be missing.
  • Blood group AB: With blood group AB, apart from meat and fish, everything else actually belongs on the table. Vegetables, fruit, cereals, dairy products, and legumes – you tolerate everything equally.

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