Braised Cucumber – The Slightly Different Cucumber

Braised cucumbers are outdoor cucumbers and, like cucumbers, belong to the pumpkin family. The stewed cucumber is smaller but thicker than the cucumber. The shell is rather “leathery” and cannot be eaten. The stewed cucumber is not as watery and the taste is more intense than that of cucumbers.


Only in the Middle Ages did cucumbers from the Himalayas reach Europe. Today, the refreshing fruit is grown worldwide.


Outdoor stewed cucumbers are in season from July to September.


The taste of the cucumber is aromatic and refreshing.


As the name suggests, the stewed cucumber is suitable for stewing and cooking, as its firm flesh does not disintegrate so quickly. You can fill them up and gratinate them.


Pickles will keep in the vegetable drawer of the fridge for up to a week. Buy only smooth-skinned cucumbers with firm ends. Wrinkled and soft spots indicate that they have been stored for too long, and the cucumbers are then no longer fresh.

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