Breakfast In Bed: How to Make Yourself Really Nice

“It’s only really nice in bed!” – a saying that many would immediately subscribe to. It gets even cosier when you enjoy your breakfast in bed. With our tips and ideas, the next Sunday brunch will be the highlight of the day!

Enjoy comfortably: breakfast in bed

Bringing breakfast to your loved one is not only a good idea for special occasions. Enjoying the morning meal in the coziest place in the apartment is always a great way to start the day. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic breakfast in bed for two or Sunday brunch with the kids: it’s fun and adds variety to your morning routine. For personal anniversaries such as weddings, you can really make a big meal, our Valentine’s Day recipes provide inspiration. The occasional Sunday breakfast can be easier. Fresh rolls or croissants, butter, jam, boiled eggs, and coffee or tea are all you need. If you want something quick, Bircher muesli is also a good choice. If you are not very hungry in the morning, prepare a smoothie. Advantage of these breakfast-in-bed ideas: They’re already all set, so you don’t even need a tray.

The basis for enjoyment: the tray

The tray is of crucial importance for a perfect breakfast in bed with more sumptuous ingredients. Because if you are more concerned with balancing the delicacies on a shaky surface than with eating, the feast quickly becomes a test of nerves. A tray with a high edge is best, from which something cannot easily slip off. To be on the safe side, don’t use your best crockery either, just in case something goes wrong. If you often eat on the mattress, you can buy a wide tray for two for breakfast in bed. Some models have fold-out legs so you can also use it as a table next to the bed.

Good morning breakfast in bed without crumbs and stains

If you don’t want to make a big breakfast buffet yourself, but want to eat mostly ready-made dishes, pancakes, muffins, a power breakfast made of yoghurt, oatmeal, and fruit, or scrambled eggs with bacon are ideal. Crumbs don’t fall down as easily as with rolls that you don’t cut open until you’re in bed. Bite-sized fruit and vegetables and wholemeal bread snacks supplement the healthy breakfast in bed as a source of vitamins and fiber – just use this as a guide.

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