Buying Water: You Have to Pay Attention to This

You should pay attention to this when choosing mineral water

If you often suffer from heartburn, this is usually an indication that your body’s pH value is not in the optimal neutral range.

  • The PH value is regulated by hydrogen carbonate. A substance that the body makes itself.
  • However, if your acid-base balance is disturbed, the body can no longer produce enough hydrogen carbonate to achieve a neutral pH value. Due to the lack of hydrogen carbonate, the metabolic processes in the blood no longer function properly.
  • The over-acidification of the body is expressed, among other things, in such unpleasant side effects as heartburn.
  • You can supply your body with hydrogen carbonate to support it, in the form of mineral water.
  • When shopping, however, you should make sure that the hydrogen carbonate value is at least 1,000 mg per liter, as nutritionist Günter Wagner advises.

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