Can you find international cuisine in Chile?

Introduction: Chilean cuisine and international influence

Chilean cuisine is known for its delicious seafood dishes, such as ceviche and congrio, as well as hearty meat-based meals like asado and empanadas. However, Chile’s culinary scene has also been influenced by international cuisine. You can find a variety of international restaurants in major cities like Santiago and Valparaiso, offering diverse options for locals and tourists alike.

The international influence on Chilean cuisine can be traced back to the arrival of European immigrants in the 19th century. Italian and French immigrants brought their culinary traditions with them, which have since been incorporated into Chilean cuisine. Additionally, the globalized world we live in today has made it easier for Chileans to access and appreciate international cuisine, leading to a diverse culinary landscape in the country.

Asian Cuisine: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai

Asian cuisine has become increasingly popular in Chile, with many restaurants specializing in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai food. Sushi and ramen restaurants are particularly popular, with high-quality options available in major cities like Santiago. Korean barbecue and Thai curries can also be found in specialty restaurants throughout the country.

One unique aspect of Asian cuisine in Chile is the fusion of Asian and Chilean flavors. For example, sushi rolls made with avocado and spicy aji pepper are a popular fusion dish. Overall, Asian cuisine in Chile offers a tasty and diverse option for those looking for something different.

European Cuisine: Italian, French, and Spanish

As mentioned earlier, European immigrants brought their culinary traditions to Chile, leading to a strong presence of Italian, French, and Spanish cuisine. Italian-style pizza and pasta dishes are widely available, as well as French-style pastries and Spanish tapas.

In addition to traditional European cuisine, there are also fusion options available. For example, “Chorrillana” is a Chilean dish made with french fries, beef, onions, and eggs, but with influences from Spanish and Italian cuisine. Overall, European cuisine in Chile offers a range of options for those seeking a taste of the old world.

North American Cuisine: Mexican and American

North American cuisine has also made its way to Chile, with Mexican and American options available in many cities. Mexican restaurants offer traditional dishes like tacos and burritos, while American-style burger joints are popular with young Chileans.

One unique aspect of North American cuisine in Chile is the use of Chilean ingredients and flavors. For example, a popular burger option is “Churrasco a lo pobre”, which includes beef, fried egg, and caramelized onions on a bun. Overall, North American cuisine in Chile offers a diverse range of options that incorporate local flavors.

South American Cuisine: Peruvian and Brazilian

Peruvian and Brazilian cuisine have been gaining popularity in Chile in recent years. Peruvian ceviche and Brazilian “churrasco” are popular options in specialty restaurants. Additionally, there are fusion options available that combine elements of Chilean and Peruvian or Brazilian cuisine.

One unique aspect of these cuisines in Chile is the use of local ingredients and flavors. For example, “jalea” is a Peruvian seafood dish that incorporates Chilean seafood like shrimp and squid. Overall, South American cuisine in Chile offers a unique and delicious option for those seeking something different.

Conclusion: Chile’s diverse culinary scene

Chile’s culinary scene is diverse and influenced by international cuisine. Asian, European, North and South American options are all available, with unique fusion dishes incorporating Chilean flavors. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s something for everyone in Chile’s culinary landscape.

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