Candy Hangover: How to Detox Your Body After a Sugar Flash

A candy hangover hits you when you’ve eaten too many sweets. But how can you free your body from the sugar hangover?

You may have already had a sugar flash – but unfortunately the bill usually follows. In this case, a candy hangover is haunting you. What can you do about it?

Sugar Flash: When the sweet sins have dire consequences

When the summer is over, the first Christmas treats will soon be in the supermarket. In between there is also the Halloween festival, where children in particular stuff themselves with sweets.

Unfortunately, after the enjoyment, frustration often comes. In this case, it has nothing to do with the weight, but simply with the so-called candy hangover.

You may not recognize the symptoms of the candy hangover as such at first glance. Sometimes you have a headache, but too much sugar can also worsen your skin – the result is pimples, for example. Another feature of the candy hangover is the bloated belly.

You don’t have to do much to get the consequences of the sugar flash under control again – just eat a few specific things and avoid a few others.

Candy Hangover: 7 tips for body detoxification

There are a few tricks you can use to quickly get rid of your candy hangover. A few home remedies are available to detoxify the body after the sugar flash:

  1. Hot water with lemon: The wondrous home remedy, which has long been known as an all-rounder, flushes out the body and helps restore the correct acid level. In addition, you also provide yourself with vitamin C – really practical. Best taken before breakfast.
  2. Light breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon are taboo today. You should be more concerned about eating some fruit and vegetables – for example as a delicious smoothie.
  3. Refrain from dairy products: Eating dairy products is not very helpful in the candy hangover. Under certain circumstances, they only bloat the stomach unnecessarily and stimulate the desire for sugar.
  4. No salt: yes, the delicious salt – but as I said: bacon, pizza, chips and co. are not in it if you want to feel better. Salty food only fuels the cravings more. You can put that off to another day.
  5. Keep your hands off the coffee: Coffee isn’t a good guide when it comes to candy hangovers either. Your liver is already in overdrive due to the sugar flash – the coffee only puts more strain on it.
  6. Relaxation: Your body is overloaded by the sugar flash. In order to give him rest to detoxify, you should avoid too much exertion – i.e. sport – for a day. A little walk will do too.
  7. Stimulate metabolism: You have two options, both of which are easily feasible – even if you’re not doing so well. On the one hand, that would be a cold shower, on the other hand, you can also stimulate your metabolism with a cold washcloth. Just wet it, wipe your arms and legs with it and you’ll notice that you’re much fitter. Your body will be detoxified by the improved blood circulation. A lymphatic massage can also help with the metabolism.

How to avoid the candy hangover

But to avoid a candy hangover caused by a sugar flash in the first place, you can simply eat less candy next time.

Sure, sometimes you get cravings, but sometimes it might be healthier to eat a tangerine, orange or apple instead. They are usually sweet and still have a few vitamins.

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