Cheese – This Food Is Not Vegetarian

Vegetarians beware: These foods appear to be vegetarian, but they aren’t.


The so-called rennet, which is obtained from the stomachs of calves, is used in the production of many types of hard and semi-hard cheese. However, there are vegetarian alternatives: An overview from the Vegetarian Association of Germany provides guidance – if in doubt, ask the manufacturer.


Vegetarians should take a closer look at yogurt: some types contain gelatine, which gives them their smooth consistency. But gelatine is made from the skin, bones, and tissue of animals – strict vegetarians, therefore, avoid it. You can see whether the yogurt contains gelatine from the list of ingredients – if it is not listed there, vegetarians can use it with a clear conscience.

Food colored red

Red-colored foods such as ice cream, sweets, or energy drinks can contain what is known as carminic acid. This red dye is obtained from scale insects, which are dried and boiled for this purpose. Be careful when looking at the list of ingredients: Carminic acid is also hidden behind the label “E 120”.

Fruit juices

Some fruit juice manufacturers use gelatine to remove cloudiness from the juice. Many fruit juice producers also use gelatine as a carrier for vitamins. Since there is no labeling requirement, vegetarians should ask the manufacturer or use juice they have squeezed themselves.


Animal ingredients can also be found in potato chips: Flavorings obtained from pork, poultry, game, and fish are used to ensure that the snacks taste tasty and hearty. Since the exact nature of the flavorings does not have to be listed, the only thing that will help here is to ask the manufacturer.

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