Chicory: Then the Vegetables are in Season

Chicory is delicious and versatile – but only available in a certain season. We have summarized for you in our article when you can buy chicory in the supermarket and when it is in the season to harvest it in your garden.

When is chicory in season?

Chicory, which belongs to the endive salads, is becoming increasingly popular. Whether in salads or warm, it brings something special to the kitchen thanks to its tart note. However, chicory is a seasonal vegetable. You can find out when it is best to buy the salad here:

  • In Germany, chicory is in season during the cold months. It begins in October and ends in March. Anyone who relies on regional goods should therefore buy them in winter.
  • If you choose to neglect the regional aspect, you will still find chicory on supermarket shelves out of season as the lettuce is grown and shipped worldwide.
  • If you want to grow chicory yourself in the garden, you have to follow the season and harvest your chicory in the cold winter months.
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