Clear Signs of Infidelity: 10 Warning Signs That Can Not be Ignored

Women’s intuition is a phenomenon unexplainable by science, which often leads the fair sex to the truth. It is impossible to explain how the ladies feel the approaching misfortune, but almost always end up being right.

How to find out if her husband is cheating – signs

Psychologists have identified several of the most obvious behavioral factors, the presence of which should arouse suspicion. If you notice that at least half of the following points coincide – think about whether the weather in your home has turned bad.

Tired at work

Of course, each of us can “burn out”, especially if the working schedule is irregular, and the responsibility is great. But if a man is so tired that when you come home he does not want anything at all, regularly avoids spending time together and nothing changes, even after the rest – this is a dangerous signal.


You can’t use his laptop or phone, getting an incoming call, and your spouse always goes to another room and doesn’t talk about things at work or what he does in your absence. In general, you don’t know that your husband lives outside the family at all.

Abrupt change of mood

Now he is affectionate and gentle, and two hours later he is a tyrant and despot. It irritates your every phrase or action, every conversation ends in conflict. Engage in dialogue is impossible, anything to find out – too. Even your jokes may react severely. Gradually you realize that you have become strangers, and predicting the behavior of a loved one is no longer able to.

New hobbies

Your spouse began to do things that previously it has never been interested in. And everything would be fine, but in the essence of his new hobbies, he did not devote you. Even worse – he found a sympathizer, of which you know nothing, and spends every free minute with them.

Change of image

Another sign of adultery – is an unjustified craving for beauty. For example, your husband may have joined a gym, and bought himself new shirts or sweatshirts, a set of cosmetics, or perfume. He began to spend more time on his appearance and you have nothing to do with it. You can ignore such a circumstance only in one case – if the man has previously looked after himself or asked you to help him in this.

Inexplicable spending

Given the fact that not all men know how to “keep the treasury”, women often manage the family budget and know exactly whether the financial cushion is not bursting and whether it is at all. But when you see that your spouse has started spending impressive amounts regularly without explaining why, it’s probably a contribution to his future without you.


Psychologists say that constant employment at work for a long time, although it can not be a serious cause for concern, in combination with all the rest – is quite. If a man sits in the office for a long time, does not say why, and leaves on unplanned trips – keep your ears open.

Sexual discord

Many women believe that if there is no intimacy in a couple, then someone from this couple found it elsewhere. This tactic has the right to life, but if the problems last very long, talk is not solved, and the initiative on the part of the partner is not visible. It is likely that his fantasies he realizes without you.

The second point – is deliberate virtuosity men, which previously you have not observed. And here to worry, it would seem, nothing, but where he learned this?

Forgetfulness and absent-mindedness

Spouses began to forget all too often: when the birthday of someone close, what to buy in the store, how you were going to spend the weekend, and how much to pay for utilities. He throws out of his head the things that he always remembered before – so it frees up information for something more important.

The Women’s Footprint

The last point, which certainly can’t be explained in any way – the presence of women’s hair in the car or on clothes, nail marks on the body, the scent of other people’s perfume, or, even worse, foreign items in the closet. There is nothing to talk about here – such findings are too eloquent.

What to do when you found out about your husband’s cheating – tactics

Depending on the psychologist and your mood, you can choose one of several lines of behavior. Some recommend a scandal, others – accept and reconcile, others – change in response, and the fourth type of specialist insists on divorce.

What to do with this situation – only you decide, because no psychologist knows the intricacies of your relationship, life circumstances, and level of awareness. If you agree to continue to live with the man – choose this way for yourself. If not – accept the situation and break up to find someone better. In any case, remember that the responsibility for the decisions you make will rest only on your shoulders.

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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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