Coconut Macaroons with Caribbean Touch

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Total Time 1 hr 20 mins
Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 19 people



  • 270 g Sugar, if at hand, extra fine
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • 2 tsp Vanilla flavor
  • 7 tbsp Lemon juice
  • 300 g Desiccated coconut
  • 100 g Candied pineapple
  • 200 g Hawaii mix (ready-made mix of banana chips, coconut grated,
  • Mango and passion fruit candied etc.)
  • 25 g Chopped pistachios
  • 19 Round wafers, diameter 7 cm
  • 100 g Chocolate white
  • Pineapple pieces and possibly maraschino cherries


  • Cut candied pineapple into small pieces. Chop the Hawaiian mix through so that the pieces are not too large. Squeeze lemon juice. Preheat the oven to 160 °. Line the tray with baking paper and place the wafers on top of it. Possibly put a second baking paper on a large, smooth surface and also fill with wafers.
  • In a large bowl, whip the egg white (previously well chilled) with a pinch of salt. When it starts to set, gradually add the sugar in small portions while whipping. When it is used up, continue beating for at least 3 minutes. The sugar must have completely dissolved, the egg whites must be shiny and a clear pattern must remain visible when whipped. Then add the vanilla flavor and lemon juice one spoon at a time and then whip again vigorously for 1 - 2 minutes.
  • Then fold in the desiccated coconut and then the pineapple and Hawaiian mix. Use a tablespoon and a teaspoon to place large portions on the wafers. The wafers should not look out at the edges. During the 1st baking process, place the next blanks on the baking paper provided and keep them ready.
  • Slide the tray on the 2 rails into the oven from below. The baking time is 30 minutes. Then take it out immediately, let it cool down on a rack and bake 2. "Load".


  • During the 2nd baking process, melt the chocolate over the water bath. Cut a few candied pineapple pieces and possibly - if available - maraschino or cherries so small that they fit on a macaroon.
  • Then use a teaspoon to drizzle the chocolate over the macaroons and put half a cherry or a small piece of pineapple on top. They taste best fresh ................ fruity and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.
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Written by Ashley Wright

I am a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian. Shortly after taking and passing the licensure examination for Nutritionist-Dietitians, I pursued a Diploma in Culinary Arts, so I am also a certified chef. I decided to supplement my license with a study in the culinary arts because I believe that it will help me harness the best of my knowledge with real-world applications that can help people. These two passions form part and parcel of my professional life, and I am excited to work with any project that involves food, nutrition, fitness, and health.

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