Coffee Against Odors: This is How The Home Remedy Works

Coffee against odors is a proven home remedy. This neutralizes unpleasant smells – not only in the room air. There is also a trick to removing strong odors from plastic or glass.

Use coffee against odors: How to bind odor molecules

To neutralize unpleasant odors in the room, you can use coffee grounds. The waste product has a moisture-binding property and absorbs odor molecules. In this way, odors of all kinds can be combated biologically.

  • Room air: Put the coffee grounds in several small bowls or on small plates. Distribute the containers to the areas where you want the smell to go. They not only fight food odors but also cigarette smoke, for example.
  • Fridge: Put the coffee in a bowl or place the used coffee filter on a plate. Place the coffee grounds on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator overnight. The next day the smell is gone.
  • Shoes: Put completely dried coffee grounds in an old sock and stuff it in a shoe. How to get rid of the smell of sweat in shoes. Important: The coffee must be completely dry, otherwise there is a risk of discoloration.
  • Ceramics, glass, and plastic: Use coffee grounds to neutralize odors from bottles, vases, or plastic cans. Put the coffee grounds in the jar for several hours, close it and then rinse it as usual. Odors tend to linger longer on objects made of plastic. You should let the coffee grounds soak in overnight.

Other interesting uses

Whole coffee beans are good for removing odors from the skin. They also ensure fresh breath.

  • Skin: You have cut onions or garlic and, despite thorough hand washing, your hands often smell unpleasantly for hours. Take some coffee beans and rub them between your hands. This releases coffee oils and reduces the unwanted smell.
  • Breath: If you have used garlic or wild garlic to flavor your food, or if your breath smells of onions, this can be unpleasant. A coffee bean that you chew on for a moment can help. You can simply spit out the leftovers.
  • You will quickly get fresh breath again.
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