Cooking Without Carbohydrates: The Best Tips and Ideas

Cooking without carbohydrates: You should avoid these foods

Cooking without carbohydrates is not a new idea, but has long been practiced under the generic term “low carb”. The Atkins diet and the GLYX diet are two examples of the numerous diets that have been developed based on the low-carb principle. Before you start your new diet, you should first be aware of which foods contain a particularly large number of carbohydrates.

  • Many of the foods we eat every day are high in carbohydrates. It starts in the morning with bread or rolls and continues right at noon: whether it’s rice, potatoes, or pasta – you will have to do without these side dishes if you cook without carbohydrates.
  • What is perhaps less well known: foods such as fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of carbohydrates. These include peas as well as some types of beans, pumpkin, lentils, and corn. When it comes to beans, you should especially avoid red beans, such as kidney beans. Fruits that are particularly high in carbohydrates include bananas and grapes.
  • Ready meals are also taboo in low-carb cuisine. This applies to many preserves as well as to sauces and sauce thickeners. Basically, whenever you see the terms sugar or starch on the list of ingredients, you should avoid these products. This is especially true when those ingredients are at the top of the ingredients list.
  • Furthermore, you will not only have to do without alcohol but also fruit juices. Sweets are of course also taboo.

This is allowed when cooking without carbohydrates

If you cook without carbohydrates, you have to do without the two ingredients sugar and starch, but you can enjoy many other foods without restrictions.

  • Fats and oils are just as permitted as flavor carriers when cooking without carbohydrates, as are spices. You can also eat as much meat and fish as you like. The same goes for protein and soy products.
  • If you don’t want to do without sauce, soy sauce might be an alternative for you. If you prefer to prepare your sauce yourself, replace the sauce thickener with locust bean gum.
  • Instead of rice, pasta, or potatoes, use vegetables and salad as side dishes. A well-filling combination is, for example, a salad with feta cheese.
  • Replace the bread in the morning or evening with yogurt or quark. Alternatively, you can use special protein bread that is made almost entirely without carbohydrates. Of course, you can also make protein bread yourself; you can find numerous recipes for it on the Internet.
  • If you notice after a short time that you don’t want to do without carbohydrates in this extreme form, you should resort to whole grain products. However, only in moderation. In addition, many nutritionists advise completely avoiding carbohydrates after 5 p.m. Incidentally, the GLYX diet represents the concept of controlled carbohydrate intake.
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