Couscous in The Rice Cooker: You Have to Pay Attention to This

Making Couscous in the Rice Cooker: Getting Started

Couscous is a grain product made from durum wheat or millet. As a rule, the popular side dish is prepared quickly. Put the granules in the salted boiling water, let it swell for five to ten minutes and you’re done.

  • If you have a rice cooker at home and are wondering if you can use it to cook couscous in addition to rice, the answer is yes.
  • To do this, proceed as follows: In the first step, wash the couscous briefly. Then spread some vegetable oil inside the rice cooker. Take rapeseed oil or sunflower oil, for example.
  • In the next step, for example, put two cups full of couscous in the rice cooker for two people.
  • Now fill everything up with water – up to the corresponding number. That means: With two cups of couscous, fill up the water up to the number two. With three cups, the water level would be at three, and so on.
  • Tip: If you like it more aromatic and flavorful, you can add some instant vegetable stock to the water.

How to cook couscous in the rice cooker

Now it’s time to cook. To do this, close the rice cooker with the lid. Turn on the appliance and let the couscous cook in the rice cooker for about 20 minutes.

  • Important: After ten minutes you should place a clean cotton cloth between the rice cooker and the lid. In this way, the condensed water can be better absorbed. The result: the couscous becomes fluffy, airy, and delicious.
  • Alternatively, you can also gently prepare couscous in the steamer. To do this, put the yellow grains in a bamboo basket lined with a cotton cloth. Loosen the couscous a little with a fork so that the steam can escape better and the individual balls do not stick together.
  • Now put the bamboo basket in a pot in which you have brought about an inch of water to a boil. It is important that you put a lid on the basket. Let everything steam on medium heat for about 20 minutes.
  • Check from time to time whether there is still water in the pot and refill it if necessary.
  • Finally, you can add some butter if you like. Enjoy your meal!
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