Cracking Nuts – The Best Tips and Tricks

Crack nuts properly – that’s how it works

Nuts are popular and there is a wide range to choose from. Accordingly, there are also many ways to crack them. With the following tips you will open your nuts without any problems:

  • The easiest and fastest way to crack any nut is still a nutcracker. In addition to the hand crackers, there are also models that have a thread and crack the nuts by turning the head.
  • Walnuts are easier to crack if you put them in the freezer for an hour or two. The shell becomes porous due to the cold and can then be cracked much more easily.
  • Macadamia nuts in particular are popular, but they are also very difficult to crack open. Unlike walnuts, cold doesn’t help if you want to open them. You need to put the nuts in the oven, which is about 120 degrees, for at least 25 minutes. After the time is up, the nuts can be opened with a nutcracker.
  • If you don’t have a nutcracker handy, you can use a simple trick to crack large nuts, especially walnuts. You take two nuts in one hand and press them against each other. The seams of the nut halves should be pressed together. You increase the pressure if you also press from the outside with your second hand. Over time, however, this method becomes painful and cannot be used as a permanent solution.
  • Every household has a small hammer – you can use it to easily crack nuts. Instead of a hammer, you can use other objects that have a hard surface and are slightly heavier. If you take the hammer, you have to expect that the bowls will burst apart and be scattered around the room. To prevent this from happening, you can wrap the nuts in a cloth and then crack them open.

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