Cream of Asparagus Soup Made from Green Asparagus and Egg Liqueur

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Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 4 people


Basic ingredients

  • Chicken broth (from our own production) or from the glass
  • Vegetable broth (from own production) or from the glass
  • Asparagus (green fresh)
  • Some chives for decoration


  • Freshly ground white Kampot pepper
  • Fine flavored orange sugar
  • Fleur de sel
  • A little bit of lovAge fresh

Nutmegs (unfortunately only available from March to July)

  • Alternatively
  • Grated nutmeg

to connect

  • Advocaat
  • Arrowroot meal (mixed with milk)
  • Ice cold butter
  • Cream 30% fat


  • We start by peeling the asparagus stalks in the lower third, and since the lower end is (possibly) woody with green asparagus, separate it.
  • 4 Cut the asparagus stalks into small slices and then put them in the saucepan. Pour the two broths over them, add the salts, sugar and pepper as well. Sink the lovage leaves into the broth.
  • Set the heat to the highest level and bring the whole thing to a boil. Less than 5 minutes later, the asparagus slices (they float on top) are taken out of the broth with a ladle and set aside for the time being. Put the chicken in a bowl and it will be pureed later.
  • Now add the cream and butter to the broth, which is now completely without solid content. Stir smoothly. Add the arrowroot meal. Stir well. Let everything simmer for 10 minutes. Now foam everything up well with the hand blender. Slowly pour in half of the egg liqueur. Now, if available, add the fresh nutmeg blossoms .. Let them foam well again. Now add the chicken and puree the whole thing well again. Put the asparagus pieces back in and slowly pour in the remaining egg liqueur - maybe a little more :).
  • Season to taste again with salt and pepper - possibly also add a pinch of sugar.


  • In my example in soup bowls with a bit of chives on top. On the peel an asparagus stick that has been caramelized in orange sugar - "to nibble off". Freshly baked lump bread (that's what my grandson calls the homemade rolls that don't look like everyone else) round off this soup.
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