Cucumber Water Content: This Is How Healthy The Vegetable Is

What is the water content in cucumbers?

Cucumbers are very healthy and a great snack if you want to take care of your shape. This is partly due to the high water content of the cucumber:

  • A cucumber has a water content of 96 to 97 percent.
  • This makes the pumpkin vegetables very low in calories: With 100 grams of cucumber, you only consume 12 kilocalories.
  • The nutrients and vitamins in the cucumber, contained in the remaining three to four percent, make the vegetable not only low in calories but also healthy.
  • Cucumbers contain vitamins A, B1, and C.
  • In addition, cucumbers contain minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and magnesium.
  • The vitamins and minerals are found in small parts in the pulp, but mainly in and directly under the skin. You eat particularly healthily if you do not peel the cucumber, but wash it well and eat it with the peel.

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