Deceptive Packaging: Hide Chocolate Price Increase

A bar of chocolate is always 100 grams, right? It’s an unwritten supermarket law. At least it was, as some chocolate makers are making the bars lighter and leaving the prices as they are. This is how hidden price increases are created. You can find out here which chocolate bars became deceptive packs.

Some manufacturers’ chocolate bars are only 81 grams or 80 grams, the prices will of course remain as they are, so that the consumer does not notice that they are paying more for their chocolate than before. But not only the classic chocolate bars got it. In the following, we will explain which of our beloved types of chocolate became deceptive packages.

What are cheat packs?

Deceptive packaging can not only affect food, they are also not uncommon in the beauty sector or with hygiene products. One speaks of deceptive packaging as soon as the price remains the same, but the product quantity decreases. Be careful, there are also deceptive packs where the packs get bigger and the amount of product increases. However, this price increase is not parallel to the filling quantity, but the basic price increases massively. This is also how various companies disguise their price increases.

These chocolate bars became sham packs

The new Milka chocolate bars have become lighter and lighter. A normal Milka bar has 100 grams, the collage with raspberries 93 grams, the Triple Choco cocoa three grams less, Milka Biscuit LU only 87 grams and finally the Milka Waves only 81 grams. All varieties have a sales price of 1.09 euros.

But the Milka chocolate bars are not alone, Lindt is also reducing the weight of its chocolate bars. These new bars do look like the standard 100g chocolate bars. However, they are around 1 mm thinner and only weigh 80 grams.

Deceptive packages: It also hit the chocolate bars

The large chocolate bars are usually bought individually wrapped. But the smaller variant, for those little chocolate cravings in between, is usually available in large bags. Mars GmbH, which produces the minis from Snickers, Twix, Milky Way and of course Mars, used to sell all varieties in 303 gram bags. But they are history! The new filling quantity is only 275 grams at the same price (2.99 euros). That is a hidden price increase of over 10 percent.

What can be done against fraudulent packaging?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do if you find out about a scam. Anyone who reports them to the consumer advice center will at least make all other consumers aware of it. However, the only effective way to make your displeasure clear is to stop buying such products.

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Written by Allison Turner

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