Desalinate Water Yourself – That’s How it Works

DIY: How to desalinate water

Not only does salt water taste bad as drinking water, but it is also harmful to your health in large quantities because it dries out your body. However, it is quite easy to desalinate water on a small scale.

  • To do this, in addition to salt water, you need a wide and high bowl, a glass, cling film, two stones, and also the help of the sun’s rays.
  • Place the glass in the center of the bowl and place a clean stone in the glass to weigh it down.
  • Now fill the bowl with the salt water. However, only so far that the upper edge of the glass still protrudes from the water. Incidentally, the edge of the bowl must protrude beyond the glass.
  • Now cover the bowl with cling film. It should not be too tight but not too loose either. Attach the foil to the edge of the bowl so that it cannot come loose.
  • Place the stone on the foil over the glass so that a hollow is formed in the foil.
  • Now all you need is patience and the help of the sun’s rays. When heated by the sun, the salt water will evaporate. It accumulates as condensation on the film. This condensed water is already desalinated drinking water – albeit in small quantities.
  • Due to the trough in the film above the glass, the condensation collects in somewhat larger quantities and drips or falls into the glass. It may take some time, but in the end, there will be pure drinking water in your glass.

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