Detox Your Body with Tea: The Best Tips and Tea Ideas

If you want to gently detoxify your body, you can do that with tea. These can stimulate elimination activity and strengthen the immune system. You can find out which teas are best suited for this and how to prepare them in our practical tip.

Detox your body with tea

A detoxification of the body can be good several times a year.

  • Numerous toxins accumulate in our body due to environmental influences, poor lifestyle habits or food. These are often also referred to as waste products.
  • This can leave you feeling tired and drained. Your skin looks sallow and your hair can appear dry and shaggy. The harmful substances in the body weaken your immune system and you are therefore more susceptible to infections.
  • Toxins and waste products are flushed out by the body’s own water and excreted through the kidneys and bladder. So-called detox teas can help and free your body from the substances.
  • You can buy all teas in tea bags or you can prepare the individual ingredients fresh . To do this, scald a handful of leaves or pieces per pot with hot water.
  • It is important that the water boils so that any plant residues perish. A brewing time of at least 6-8 minutes is advisable before drinking. A pot throughout the day is sufficient.

Detox – different teas for the body

Which type of tea is right for you depends on your own taste and the desired effect.

  • Ginger tea is ideal if you don’t just want to detoxify the body, but also want to prevent a cold infection. The crushed tuber tastes a bit spicy and strengthens your immune system.
  • Green tea is traditionally used for detoxification in Asia. A few cups a day will flush the excess toxins out of your body. Another advantage of this tea is the anti-aging effect on our cells.
  • Nettle tea can be wonderfully used for a urinary tract infection because it stimulates kidney function. You can also use this function when detoxifying. The only downside is the hassle of going to the toilet to empty your bladder.
  • An insider tip among detox fans is lemongrass tea. For this purpose, lemongrass is crushed and brewed as freshly as possible. The tea has a pleasant acidity and tastes nice and fresh.
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