Diet Unhealthy Foods: These Five Are Particularly Bad

Jell-O and Fruit Yoghurt: Both are unhealthy because they’re full of artificial ingredients. Better: hands off. What else should you do without?


Looks funny and tastes, especially for children. But it is precisely these that should be avoided. Because the colored jelly contains colorings worth considering. So-called azo dyes can disturb children’s attention and trigger allergies. This is reported by Business Insider magazine. This applies in particular to the dye Yellow Orange S E110. But the dyes E210, E102, E104, E122, and E129 can also be problematic for children.

Fruit yogurt

What’s called fruit yogurt in the shops doesn’t really deserve it. The fruit yogurt only has to have a fruit content of six percent. If it says fruit-flavored yogurt, it doesn’t have to contain any fruit at all. The much better alternative: take natural yogurt and stir in fruit.

Soft drinks

Sweet candy bombs! Soft drinks contain an incredible amount of sugar. Those who drink it regularly are at particularly high risk of developing diabetes. At the same time, acids develop from the sugar in the mouth. These can damage the teeth.

Fruit nectar

Just like soft drinks, fruit nectars are also sugar bombs. The fruit content is never higher than 50 percent. The rest: aroma extracts, artificial preservatives, and a lot of sugar. Much better: if it says 100 percent direct juice!


Unfortunately, the spicy Asian ingredient that is served with sushi is not healthy at all. Because it contains horseradish and mustard powder, but also controversial azo dyes. One of them has now even been banned in Germany. It is tartrazine, which can cause allergies.

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