Dishwasher Makes Strange Noises – What to Do?

The dishwasher makes strange noises – you can do that

  • Check whether the spray arm is blocked by crockery or cutlery. In general, you should only use the crockery in the holders provided.
  • One cause may be broken pieces in the screen. Check whether the water drainage is blocked by dirt or broken glass. This prevents the water from being sucked out of the machine.
  • Check whether there is dirt in the strainer or also in the circulation pump. This is directly below the sieve.
  • A thorough cleaning of the machine can also help, as dirt and grime may be making the unit noisier. You can read the exact procedure for this in the instructions for use of your device.
  • If the noise persists for a long time or does not go away after following these tips, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

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