Easily Digestible Food: This Is How You Protect Your Stomach When Eating

Are you currently suffering from digestive problems or do you generally have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract? Then we have the right thing for you: the best easily digestible foods.

Heavy food can quickly become a problem for people with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract or a disease of the digestive tract. Anyone who then eats the wrong thing reacts with a feeling of fullness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Fortunately, we can counteract such complaints with easily digestible foods, because eating them does not burden our digestive tract in any way.

We have put together the best easily digestible food for you.

Oatmeal as a stomach-friendly breakfast

Avoid sugary cornflakes and prefer oatmeal. Oatmeal calms the stomach and helps regulate indigestion. The grain is particularly well tolerated if you heat it up and mix it with a little water. For some, milk also has a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract. In this case you can also use milk instead of water and sweeten with a little honey. But beware: For some people, animal milk is a trigger for digestive problems. Here it helps to switch to plant-based products such as soy or oat milk. So watch carefully how your body reacts to milk.

Easily digestible types of fruit for in-between meals

Anyone struggling with gastrointestinal problems should be particularly careful with fruit because fruit acid can quickly irritate the digestive organs. But you are welcome to reach for ripe bananas, apples, and pears, these three types of fruit are easy on the stomach.

Soups are the perfect main course

Vegetable or chicken broth works best for a light lunch or dinner. It is low in fat and can be digested quickly, even with pasta. As a tasty variant, we recommend the Asian alternative: Pho.

If our broth variations are not your thing and you like more consistency, you can also eat potato or tomato soup, both potatoes and tomatoes are easy to digest.

Which vegetables are good for the stomach?

In addition to potatoes and tomatoes, the following vegetables are particularly gentle on the stomach:

  • carrots
  • fennel
  • Kohlrabi
  • zucchini

Which animal foods are easy to digest?

  • Meat: When it comes to meat, it is best to eat lean meat in the form of poultry or beef fillet and only season it very lightly.
  • Fish: Fish is like meat. If you have a sensitive stomach, low-fat fish such as pollock, plaice and pike should be on your menu.
  • Cheese: When it comes to cheese, you should make sure that it does not exceed a fat content of 45 percent. The cheese should also be mild. Cream cheese and soft cheese are also usually well tolerated.
  • Dairy products: At times when your stomach is particularly sensitive, you should prefer to use the reduced-fat variants of milk, yoghurt, and quark.

Basically, you can relieve your gastrointestinal tract with these easily digestible foods. If you generally have a sensitive digestion or only suffer from temporary digestive problems, you can relieve your stomach with these foods.

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