Eating by Color: The World’s Easiest Diet

Sort your food by color before you eat it? No, luckily that’s not what we mean here. There are only four color categories from which you can put together your next meal, depending on what you feel like and you’ll lose a few pounds at the same time. Sounds too good to be true? We explain about the simplest diet in the world.

Green, pink, blue and red – these are the magic words in the simplest diet in the world, which goes by the melodic name “eating by colour”. At first glance, the thought of the Nutri Score (food traffic light) is not far off, but it has nothing to do with that. But how does the whole thing work and what are the colors all about? We clarify.

Eating by Colors: Who Invented It?

Janet Thomson is an English diet expert and made positive headlines in the 1990s with her diet book “Fat to Flat”. With the “Colour Fast Reset Programme”, i.e. eating by color, she caused a stir again. Because now she divides food into the color categories green, pink, blue and red, gives us recommendations on how much we should help ourselves and leaves it to us alone what we eat. Sounds too easy to be true? But works. In addition, eating according to color should facilitate a balanced diet. Because according to Janet Thomson, only a healthy body can lose weight.

What’s up with the colors?

For the simplest diet in the world, Janet Thomson has sorted all foods into different color categories and gives recommendations for proper nutrition.

The four color categories

  • Vegetables, fruits and legumes are green.
  • Starchy foods like bread, potatoes, pasta, and cereal are pink.
  • The blue category includes milk, fish, meat, nuts and seeds.
  • On the other hand, all foods with a low nutrient level are red. This includes sweets and alcoholic beverages.

Expert recommendations

  • Food of the green color category can be eaten a lot at will. Thomson recommends seven to eight servings per day, and one per meal. But dried fruits should be avoided because they contain a lot of sugar.
  • From the pink category, she recommends fitting one to two servings per day into meals. But it can also be less. White bread should be replaced with whole grain or sourdough bread. Sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, and couscous are also good alternatives.
  • The color blue should be a constant companion and part of every meal. But fish, nuts and seeds should be preferred to meat.
  • Red is not a warning color for nothing. You should stay away from this category unless you want to reward yourself for something.

Conclusion on the simplest diet in the world

The diet is similar to the food pyramid we are familiar with, with the amount of starchy foods similar to a low carb diet.

Eating plenty of vegetables, fruit and legumes, not neglecting proteins and fats and avoiding sugary foods and alcohol seems to be a healthy way towards a dream body.

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