Enjoyment Without Regrets: Low-Calorie Cake – 7 Easy Tips

Bake light

Do you want to save calories, but don’t want to give up cake? The solution: a low-calorie cake. These tricks make cakes easy to enjoy.

Fruit cakes are a top choice for the figure. A fluffy yeast dough, a light yogurt cream, and a fruity topping – a low-calorie cake, as it is written in books.

Low-calorie fruits

Fresh fruit is always healthy – but some varieties are particularly low in calories. A low-calorie cake with strawberries, sour apples, raspberries, pears, and currants is not only good for your figure but also tastes deliciously light and fruity.

Swap ingredients cleverly

Use oatmeal instead of nuts, jam, or icing instead of a greasy chocolate coating.

Alternate sweetness

Cake without sugar is the best way to save calories. Stevia is now available in every supermarket. The plant extract has a high sweetening power. However, since our body does not digest stevia but excretes it again, we do not absorb any calories from it. A lot of sugar isn’t just found in cakes. How to unmask sugar traps.

Silicone molds

Advantage of silicone baking molds: They are not greased – this saves butter. Line other molds with baking paper instead of rubbing with fat.

The perfect topping

A dollop of cream turns the strawberry cake into a calorie bomb. Quark, mixed with mineral water and slightly sweetened, also makes a creamy topping – with less fat.

Less fat

Instead of butter, use diet margarine or yogurt butter and low-fat dairy products, such as low-fat quark instead of cream quark. You’ll also save if you omit an egg yolk in the batter.

Slim base

The dough is not just dough. A low-calorie cake is created as soon as you mix it. Yeast, strudel, or biscuit dough contains less fat than classic batter.

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