Farmers Breakfast

Leftovers? Nonsense! Farmer’s breakfast is a typical dish that can be found on (almost) every menu. We’ll show you how to cook it quickly and easily.

Hearty breakfast with potatoes, bacon

Farmer’s breakfast is a hearty, high-energy dish that dates back to the 18th century of European history. Even then, the farmer’s breakfast was considered the perfect source of energy in the morning for strenuous working days in the field. It traditionally consists of fried potatoes, eggs, onions, leeks, or chives, and bacon, ham, or smoked pork.

Variants of the farmer’s breakfast

For a farmer’s breakfast, all the ingredients are mixed in a pan and fried. A North German farmer’s breakfast has two variants: either in the form of scrambled eggs, in which all the ingredients are roughly stirred together, or as a coherent omelet.

Typical side dishes are tomato salad or gherkins. Comparable dishes are also known in other countries. For example in France as omelet à la paysanne (with sorrel), in Spain as tortilla de patatas or in Sweden as pyttipanna. A similar dish is also known in Berlin, which also contains cream and bears the onomatopoeic name Hoppelpoppel.

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