Food for the Mind: Nutritionist Lists Foods That Will “Pump” Your Brain

The brain, like other organs, requires special attention. To stimulate its activity, it is important not only to exercise but also to eat right.

The brain is the most important organ in our body. If you take care of your health, it needs to be protected, developed and, of course, nourished with various vitamins and minerals so that it works clearly, quickly, and without errors.

Lauren Harris-Pincus, a certified nutritionist, spoke about what foods can improve human brain activity. She also noted that she is against high-carbohydrate foods, which is why there will be no mention of rye bread or chocolate.

Foods that improve brain function


The expert explains that numerous studies prove the benefits of blueberries. It helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia, and slows down the rate of cognitive decline. Blueberries also activate neurons and improve memory.


Choline and lutein, which are found in eggs, can work wonders for brain function. Choline plays an important role in the development of the brain and its functions. This component is usually difficult to find in such high concentrations in other foods. In turn, lutein helps to improve cognitive function. This component is also often associated with eye health.


If you care about your brain, eating fish is a must. Seafood is a source of omega-3. Eating fish periodically will help improve your memory and learning ability. “Fatty” fish is best for stimulating brain function because it contains the highest concentration of beneficial acids. Choose sardines, salmon, herring, tuna, cod, mackerel, halibut, or shark.

Whole grains and nuts

These are the foods that will bring you the desired success if you are on a diet. They are a part of almost all healthy diets, as they have a positive effect on cognitive function and are excellent neuroprotective foods.

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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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