Food to Lose Weight: These Foods Will Help

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The right foods to lose weight are natural foods. Here you will find a large selection of slimming products that will make you look, fitter, more vital, and healthier at the same time. So you not only lose pounds but feel good all over.

Food to lose weight: fruit

You can lose a few pounds fast with fresh, natural fruit. You can put in pure fruit days to quickly cleanse the intestines and loosen old loads. Or you increase the daily fruit ration and reduce other foods.

  • Since many fruits contain a lot of liquid, you supply the body with it and help it to dissolve old slags. The intestines quickly feel clean and pure and a completely new attitude to life arises.
  • Fresh fruit also contains everything your body needs. vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. There are even whole foods, like bananas, that you could eat on their own for weeks without experiencing a single deficiency.
  • Many types of fruit also contain valuable enzymes that help the body digest protein and thereby break down old undigested proteins. Examples include kiwi and pineapple. The pineapple is therefore also often used for short-term stomach-loss diets.
  • Pure apple days are also a blessing for the body. On the one hand, apples clean the digestive tract thoroughly and, on the other hand, they are food for the healthy intestinal bacteria, which are also responsible for being slim.
  • The color of the fruit also has an impact on well-being. Yellow and orange fruits, for example, boost mood because they raise serotonin levels. As a result, you have more desire to exercise and lose weight more easily.
  • Pay attention to which colors you have an appetite for. Then you will know which fruits your body needs right now.
  • To lose weight, instead of just eating fruit days, you can switch to a few days where you only eat fruit paired with a few nuts. In this way, the body is also supplied with proteins and fats but does not have to do any heavy digestion work.
  • In this way, he can devote himself to the contaminated sites and has time to clean up and for any repair work. Drink plenty of still water so that everything can be easily rinsed out.

Lose weight with herbs and vegetables

Not only fruit but also fresh herbs and fresh vegetables are low in calories and rich in vital substances and thus help to lose weight. The more these have grown in nature, the more you can give the body. If possible, grow vegetables in your own garden or collect herbs from the meadow.

  • Green herbs and vegetables are very good slimming aids. Green is needed for almost every process in the body, cleansing and detoxifying. This will quickly make you feel fit and vital.
  • However, if you have problems with the elimination and detoxification of organs such as the liver, kidneys, bile, stomach, or intestines, do not eat too much green. If the body is overloaded with detoxification and cannot excrete everything that is released, re-poisoning and severe discomfort occur.
  • Incorporate green herbs and vegetables into your diet slowly, but permanently. Your body will thank you and free you from the old burdens step by step.
  • Cucumbers and tomatoes contain a lot of liquid and dehydrate the body. You’ll quickly lose a few pounds as a result.
  • Cucumber plants generally have a good effect on the desired weight. In addition to cucumbers, these also include courgettes and pumpkins.
  • Potatoes are also one of the vegetables that help you lose weight. However, you should let them cool down before eating, as this is the only way they serve as food for the good intestinal bacteria. The reason for this is the proportion of starch is changed by heat, which can only be used as indigestible starch when cooled.
  • Food for the slimming bacteria is also other roots, for example, Jerusalem artichoke. You can eat them cold, warm, raw, boiled, or fried. The insulin it contains is not affected and is good for losing weight in any form.
  • Onions and garlic are also valuable helpers in weight loss. The spiciness contains immediately moistens the mucous membranes so that everything that is stuck can be loosened. The dietary fibers it contains are also food for good intestinal bacteria.
  • To lose weight, you can also eat a mixed salad instead of individual types of fruit and vegetables. Chicory with diced oranges and a few walnuts, for example, is a wholesome meal that fills you up and gives your body everything it needs.

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