Foods With Copper: These Are The 7 Best Sources

Copper is essential for many important bodily functions. However, the body cannot produce copper itself. It must therefore be supplied through food. These seven foods contain a particularly large amount of copper.

Copper is an important trace element that the body can only absorb through food. These foods are particularly rich in copper.

1. Cocoa powder is a food with a lot of copper

Good news for those with a sweet tooth: cocoa powder is an excellent supplier of copper. A small drop of bitterness: This does not mean the popular, high-sugar instant powder, but real, dark cocoa powder. It contains around 4,150 micrograms of copper per 100 grams. The foods made from it, such as dark chocolate, are also excellent suppliers of copper. Whole milk chocolate, which usually contains a little less cocoa powder, can still score with around 1,300 micrograms of copper per 100 grams.

2. Liver has a high copper content

The liver is also one of the foods with decent copper content. The calf’s liver contains the most copper: up to 5,600 micrograms per 100 grams. Beef liver comes second with around 3,350 micrograms of copper per 100 grams. Pork liver contains the least of this mineral. It is 1,300 micrograms per 100 grams – which is still a lot.

3. Coffee powder is rich in copper

If you can’t get going in the morning without coffee, you’ll be happy: Coffee consumption can also support the copper supply. With around 1,730 micrograms of copper per 100 grams of powder, coffee is not one of the foods with the highest copper content, but it does contain good amounts. It should be remembered that the information relates to the coffee powder and not to the finished coffee.

4. Mussels & shellfish contain a lot of copper

Animal foods in particular are rich in copper. This also applies to those who come from the sea. That’s why it’s okay to reach for mussels and shellfish more often. The leaders in this category are the oysters with 4,500 micrograms of copper per 100 grams. However, the scallop, which is a popular delicacy, also supports the copper supply: with 3,600 micrograms of copper per 100 grams of mussel meat. After all, crabs have 1,100 micrograms of copper per 100 grams.

5. Nuts and seeds as foods rich in copper

If you like to nibble, you should often reach for nuts and seeds instead of sweets. Because many varieties are rich in copper. 100 grams of cashew nuts contain around 2,000 micrograms of copper. With the same amount, sunflower seeds have almost 1,900 micrograms and hazelnuts 1,300 micrograms.

6. Legumes provide the body with copper

Although legumes do not come close to the amounts of copper in liver or cocoa powder, they are still considered to be very good suppliers of copper among foods. Soybeans contain the most copper (1200 micrograms/100 grams), followed by lima beans (800 micrograms/100 grams), lentils (740 micrograms/100 grams), and kidney beans (635 micrograms per 100 grams).

7. Emmental as a copper-rich cheese

Dairy products tend to rank at the middle to lower end of the scale for copper suppliers, with one exception: Emmental cheese. It is the only food in this category that contains significant amounts of copper. It is the only milk product with values ​​in the four-digit range: 1,170 micrograms of copper per 100 grams of cheese. For comparison: Edam contains only 54 micrograms of copper and Parmesan still has 360 micrograms of copper per 100 grams.

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