Freezing Bean Sprouts: This is What You Need to Know

Freeze bean sprouts – this is how you succeed

Freezing bean sprouts is often necessary. Unfortunately, the sprouts don’t stay fresh for long and are more suitable for Asian dishes. You can freeze the sprouts raw or lightly blanched.

  • The easiest way is to freeze the sprouts raw. Simply put the sprouts in small freezer bags or in Tupperware in the freezer. Wash the sprouts beforehand with a sieve and drain the sprouts well.
  • Since sprouts contain a lot of water, you lose it through the cooling and thawing process. You can counteract this by blanching the sprouts in boiling hot water for three minutes and then quenching them under ice water for three minutes. Then drain the sprouts and place them in freezer bags or Tupperware in the freezer.

You have to consider this when freezing bean sprouts

It is best to portion the soybean sprouts for the freezer in an amount that you can use directly next time.

  • Because you should not freeze the sprouts again after defrosting. Germs or other impurities could form here.
  • Deep-frozen soybean sprouts will keep for a year in the freezer. After that, the sprouts no longer taste good.
  • If you are preparing soups or wok dishes, you can add the sprouts directly to the dish.
  • For cold dishes such as salads or sandwiches, it is best to place the sprouts in the refrigerator for two hours to defrost them. Drain the sprouts well before using them.
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