Freezing Rolls: This Is How It Works

What to do if you still have several rolls left over from breakfast? Just into the freezer. But it’s not that easy. How to freeze rolls and what to consider when defrosting and baking.

Store buns? Freeze Buns!

Whether for a longer shelf life or storage: If you want to freeze rolls, that’s no problem – as long as you pay attention to a few points. For crispy enjoyment, you only have to defrost and bake the delicious baked goods. With these tips, it’s easy to do.

It is best to freeze fresh rolls

Fresh baked goods are best for freezing because they hardly lose any of their taste. If the rolls are older, a little dry or hard, they should no longer be frozen. The same applies to bread rolls that have already been thawed: the crust can separate from the inside after refreezing.

It is important to pack the fresh rolls airtight, preferably even to vacuum them before they go into the freezer compartment or chest freezer. There are different sleeves that are suitable for packaging:

  • Plastic freezer bags
  • Eco-friendly cloth bags
  • Cans made of stainless steel or glass
  • Sustainable oilcloths

If you only freeze the rolls for a few days, the paper packaging from the baker is sufficient.

Freeze homemade buns

Homemade rolls are particularly good for freezing: If you take the rolls out of the oven after two thirds of the normal baking time, let them cool down and then put them airtight in the freezer, you can finish baking them after defrosting and enjoy them crispy fresh. This is how the pre-baked rolls from the baker work. It is best to freeze the baked goods in small portions that you can defrost as needed.

How long can you freeze buns?

Buns can be stored in the freezer for one to three months. Homemade rolls that are not yet fully baked can be frozen for four to six months. The following applies: the longer the rolls are frozen, the more they lose their aroma. In order not to miss the right time, you can write down the date of freezing on the case.

The ideal temperature for freezing rolls is minus 18 degrees. If there are small white dots on the rolls, it is not mold, but small ice crystals – the so-called freezer burn. This is not harmful and occurs when air gets into the case.

Defrosting buns doesn’t take long

Due to their size, rolls can be thawed much faster than, for example, a loaf of bread, which needs a whole night at room temperature. Rolls are already defrosted after an hour or two. Then you can wet them with a little water and bake them in the oven. If you want to go faster, you can also bake frozen rolls directly.

Baking frozen rolls: It’s that easy

There are three ways to turn those still rock-hard frozen baked goods into crunchy treats:

1. Bake the rolls in the oven

Simply place in the preheated oven from frozen and bake at 180° C for about six to eight minutes. Homemade rolls that have not yet been baked take a little longer. A bowl of water in the oven ensures a particularly crispy result.

2. Bake the rolls in the microwave

A microwave with a convection function is best for quickly baking frozen rolls. Similar to the oven, the bun should be moistened and then baked on a plate for one to two minutes at the highest power level.

3. Bake the rolls in the toaster

In addition, frozen rolls can also be baked using a toaster. To do this, they should thaw the buns a little, cut them in half, brush them with water and place them on the slits (not in!) until the bun is crispy.

Whichever method you choose: If you want to freeze rolls, enjoy them later and do everything right, you can’t go wrong with these tips.

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