Freshly Pressed Medicinal Plants: 3 Recipes for More Power

Freshly squeezed, medicinal plants have a greater effect than if you were to make tea from them. However, you do not have to drink the juice obtained pure. You can use it for delicious power juice drinks. We have created 3 recipes for you.

Freshly squeezed: hawthorn drink

This power drink strengthens both your heart and blood circulation. If you don’t want to juice the leaves and blossoms yourself, you can get ready-made hawthorn juice from health food stores or online retailers.

  • Ingredients: 5 ml acerola juice, 10 ml hawthorn juice, 150 ml apple juice, 15 ml passion fruit syrup, 100 ml mineral water (slightly carbonated), 1 lime, and ice cubes
  • Preparation: Put the juices together with the mineral water in a shaker and mix everything well. Then pour the contents into a long drink glass that already has some crushed ice cubes in it.
  • Now add the passion fruit syrup. Break him in slowly. Wash the lime and put some zest of the zest on top for decoration.
  • Note: The maximum daily dose for hawthorn juice is 30 ml per day.

Green smoothie

This drink gives you more energy. It is best to drink it early in the morning after getting up.

  • Ingredients: 120 g cucumber, 100 g broccoli, 1 apple, 20 ml horsetail juice, 20 ml yarrow juice, possibly lime
  • Preparation: Make sure that fruit and vegetables are washed well. Chop up the solid components and puree them finely. Now add both juices and stir well. Refrigerate the drink until ready to consume. Sip it down.
  • If you like, you can add a few more squeezes of squeezed lime juice just before drinking. This invigorates the smoothie immensely.
  • Note: Horsetail also ensures tight connective tissue. The maximum daily dose is 60 ml.

Echinacea smoothie

If you want to strengthen your immune system, you should use the healing plant Echinacea. It is mainly used when recurring respiratory infections afflict the body.

  • Ingredients: 1 apple, 1 mango, 1 passion fruit, 10 ml echinacea juice, 150 ml orange juice (freshly squeezed), possibly 50 ml water – buy small fruits.
  • Preparation: Peel the fruit and cut it into small cubes. Then put it in a blender and puree until you get a fine puree. Now add the juices and mix everything again briefly. If the drink is too thick for you, you can dilute it with water.
  • Note: The maximum daily dose of the pressed flowering herb is 10 ml.

You should note that

If you suffer from any underlying diseases, you should consult your doctor before consuming plant juices. Pay attention to the instructions and maximum daily doses, these must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

You can find all the important information about the uses of medicinal plants in the encyclopedia of medicinal plants and our practical tips on medicinal herbs and plants.

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