Ginger For Diabetes

The number of people who develop type 2 diabetes mellitus is steadily increasing. Researchers have now found that ginger has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and can thus alleviate the symptoms of the disease. To the backgrounds.

According to estimates, more than six million Germans are affected by type 2 diabetes. Ascending trend. The causes are stress, excessive body weight, too little exercise, and an unbalanced diet. Researchers have now discovered that ginger has blood sugar-lowering properties and can therefore have a positive effect on diabetes.

Study on the effectiveness of ginger

In a study, the daily intake of 3 g of ginger powder for three months improved the values ​​of blood serum glucose, HbA1c (provides information about the blood sugar values ​​of the last four to twelve weeks), insulin as well as in type 2 diabetics who do not require insulin resistance in a placebo comparison. The authors note the improvement in the glycemic index (how much blood sugar rises). The study shows that gingerols from ginger improve the sugar absorption of the muscle cells and can thus keep the blood sugar in a healthy balance.

These natural remedies also lower blood sugar

Previous studies have already found that various foods have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Appropriate nutrition can therefore alleviate diabetes or even contribute to healing.


Cinnamon and turmeric promote the breakdown of sugar in the body and thus improve insulin levels. Studies show that just one to six grams of cinnamon per day lower fasting blood sugar by 30 percent. The aroma helpers even prevent late effects of diabetes such as a heart attack.


The trace element chromium is an important link for regulated sugar metabolism. It enables the transport of sugar from the blood into the cells. Since the daily requirement of chromium is difficult to cover through food, experts recommend over-the-counter preparations from pharmacies that contain trace elements and other important nutrients in concentrated form.

berries and fruits

A US study with more than 180,000 participants was also able to prove that the ingredients of certain types of fruit can significantly lower blood sugar levels: blueberries (26 percent), apples (7 percent) and grapes (12 percent), bananas, and grapefruit ( five percent each). The effect occurs with just three servings (about 200 g) of the fruit per week.

full grain

Studies show that eating whole grain products reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Scientists believe that the high fiber content slows digestion, which in turn lowers blood sugar. A positive side effect: Whole grain products contain valuable magnesium.

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