Gluten-Free Foods In The Assortment

More and more people are interested in a gluten-free diet, even without suffering from gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Get through everyday life gluten-free more easily with numerous products from our range.

Gluten-free diet

More and more people are interested in a gluten-free diet, even without suffering from gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Cereals containing gluten are suspected of promoting or triggering many diseases and symptoms such as obesity, constipation, listlessness, fatigue, muscle pain, or diabetes.

Gluten is a term for certain proteins found in certain grains such as B. wheat, barley, ancient grain, rye, unripe spelled are included. These gluten proteins are particularly important for baked goods, as they B. ensure the elasticity as well as the formability and readability of the dough. In addition to pastries, foods such as bread, pizza, pasta, or beer also contain gluten.

Gliadin is a component of gluten that can impair digestion and trigger inflammatory reactions. If there is an intolerance to gluten, the intestinal mucosa can become inflamed and immune reactions such as weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite can occur.

Foods without gluten

Food is considered gluten-free if it contains no or only very small traces (max. 20 milligrams per kilo) of gluten. The foods are then also suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

Since 2005, there has been an obligation to label the most common potentially allergenic ingredients on packaged foods, including gluten. Even the smallest amounts of ingredients containing gluten must be declared. Completely gluten-free foods can also be labeled “gluten-free”.

Unprocessed animal products such as B. Meat, fish, milk, or eggs and many plant products such as fruit, salads, nuts, herbs, potatoes, and all other types of vegetables and fruit are naturally gluten-free foods.

If you want or have to avoid gluten, you can use rice, corn, amaranth, quinoa, or millet instead of grains containing gluten such as wheat or spell. Buckwheat is also a suitable alternative because, despite its name, it is not related to gluten-containing wheat and belongs to the knotweed family.

If you want to bake cakes, biscuits, or bread, you can alternatively use amaranth flour, buckwheat flour, or rice flour.

Hidden gluten

Many processed foods are usually gluten-free, such as tofu, sugar, natural cheese, mozzarella, or pure fruit juices. With processed foods and convenience products, however, you should always take a look at the list of ingredients on the packaging.

Among other things, gluten has stabilizing and emulsifying properties. That is why they are added to many products during processing that at first glance do not contain wheat. Bagged soups, French fries, herbal cream cheese, chocolate, or fruit yogurt can therefore also contain gluten.

List of gluten-free foods

  • potatoes
  • nuts
  • rice
  • Corn
  • oil and margarine
  • Herbs
  • salt and sugar
  • jams, honey
  • wine / sparkling wine
  • Coffee, tea
  • pseudo grain e.g. B. Quinoa and amaranth
  • Dairy products
  • meat and poultry
  • fruit juices
  • water
  • fish and seafood
  • eggs
  • fruit and vegetables
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