Good to Know: Drink Water While Eating – is That Healthy?

Good to know: Drink water while eating – a plus for your health

  • Opponents of drinking while eating argue that the liquid dilutes stomach acid. Stomach acid is an important part of digestion. It breaks down the food before it is further digested in the intestine.
  • If you drink water or other pH-neutral drinks such as tea with your meal, this has an effect on the concentration of stomach acid, but this is so low that it can be neglected. The stomach acid does not break down the food pulp as much as this.
  • Also, the stomach controls acid production as needed. When it expands, the cells in the stomach wall produce more acid. Incidentally, acid production is also stimulated by external stimuli. Simply smelling and seeing appetizing food is enough, but chewing also promotes production.
  • Drinking water while eating is actually healthy. They support your digestion. Dietary fiber swells better if you drink water with meals.
  • The additional liquid dilutes the chyme and allows it to pass through the individual stages of digestion more easily – the food “slips” better.
  • Don’t forget: Drinking water or another low-calorie drink with meals fills up the stomach. So you get full faster. A glass of water with a meal can help, especially if you want to lose a few pounds.
  • Finally, most people don’t drink enough anyway. The water helps to get the necessary amount of liquid when eating.
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Written by John Myers

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