Gorgonzola Sauce – A Simple Recipe

With our simple recipe, you can make a delicious gorgonzola sauce in no time. This article tells you what you need and how to prepare it.

Easy Gorgonzola sauce recipe

The quantities given in our recipe result in a gorgonzola sauce for four people.

  • Chop two to three cloves of garlic very finely and sauté the garlic in a tarp with a bit of butter.
  • In the next step, pour in 400 ml cream and let it boil briefly.
  • Now comes the main ingredient, the gorgonzola. You need 300g of it.
  • Break up the cheese and stir into the warm cream until dissolved.
  • Finally, season with salt and pepper to taste. A pinch of freshly grated nutmeg also refines the sauce.

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