Grape Juice Has a Laxative Effect: That’s Really Part of the Myth

Does grape juice have a laxative effect?

Laxative foods naturally help you with constipation. This also includes grapes with the core and, accordingly, grape juice.

  • Grapes cleanse your intestines and stimulate the digestive system.
  • The natural ingredients such as sugar, acid, and cellulose have the same effect as a light laxative.
  • Make sure to use natural grape juice without additives if possible.
  • The amount needed to achieve a laxative effect varies from person to person. Here you have to try.
  • Other laxative foods are sauerkraut, dried fruit, naturally cloudy apple juice, pineapple, and coffee.
  • These home remedies are also good support for pregnant women with constipation. The only thing you should avoid here is too much coffee.
  • If you have persistent digestive problems, consult a doctor.

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