Green Tea – Cure For Leukoplakia

Green tea has numerous beneficial health properties. In the Cancer Prevention Research journal, for example, one read that green tea can have a cancer-inhibiting effect on precancerous lesions in the oral mucosa. Green tea and extracts from it also showed promising effects on so-called leukoplakia.

Green tea helps against precancerous lesions in the mouth

A study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research showed that people with precancerous oral lesions (precancerous lesions of the lining of the mouth) were able to slow the progression of the disease with the help of green tea extract. In high doses, the extract was even able to make the lesions disappear completely in some participants in the study.

Cure for leukoplakia with green tea extract

In leukoplakia, patchy, scaly patches form in the mouth, typically on the tongue or lining of the cheeks. Even if leukoplakia can usually be treated and the typical mucosal changes are often benign, some people can also develop oral cavity cancer.

For the study, researchers at the University of Texas gave 41 patients with precancerous lesions an extract of green tea for 12 weeks. The first group received green tea extract at a daily dosage of 1,000 mg per square meter of body surface area, the second group received 750 mg per square meter of body surface area, the third group received 500 mg per square meter of body surface area, and the fourth group received a placebo. At the end of the three months, the researchers took several tissue samples.

The higher the dose, the greater the success

60% of the subjects with the highest dose experienced a complete disappearance of the lesions. There was also a significant reduction in lesions in subjects who took 750 mg of the extract. Even at the low dose of 500 mg, 35% of the participants had a reduction in lesions.

The dose in mg per square meter (m 2 ) of body surface area is a dose commonly used with some anti-cancer drugs. For the sake of simplicity, assume a standard human with a body surface area of 1.73 m 2, which would then correspond to 1730 mg green tea extract per day at the highest dosage, which would correspond to 2.5 capsules of the preparation linked above.

Calculate dosage precisely

If you are very thin, short, fat, or very tall, or if you want to calculate your individual and very precise dosage of green tea extract for other reasons, you can calculate your personal surface area using the formula given in the study: BSA (m 2 ) = Weight in kg 0.425 × height in cm 0.725 × 0.007184.

BSA stands for body surface area.

Cancer prevention with green tea

It is estimated that around 12,000 people develop oral cancer each year, accounting for 2% of all cancers. As with most cancers, the chance of survival depends on the time of diagnosis. Since more than half of oral cavity cancers are discovered too late, the mortality rate is close to 50%. Green tea extracts could possibly significantly reduce this rate and can therefore not only be used in therapy, but also as a cure for cancer prevention.

When it comes to cancer prevention, always think of omega-3 fatty acids, optimizing the supply of vital substances, the right diet, and regular detoxification. The procedure according to Johanna Budwig is also a very good form of nutrition to accompany other forms of therapy or prevention.

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